PLEASE NOTE: Violet Hour Tarot is on a temporary hiatus. My husband and I welcomed our lovely twin girls into the world on October 3, 2012, and right now I’m a full-time mom.  I hope to re-open my practice some time in the new year.  Until then, be well, have a wonderful 2013, and thank you for your patronage.  Blessings.

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Tarot Explorations are born from a layout created specifically for your query.  If you prefer to use a standard layout, you have only to let me know.

Cost:  Three to four-card/30 min. Explorations for quick insight into one specific area are $32.  A full spread /1 hour Exploration for a detailed examination of a particular topic or area of your life’s journey, or an over-all look at where your life is headed is $63.

Bookings:  Please Email me to schedule a Tarot Exploration (please see below about turn around times).  At this time you can let me know which exploration length you would like to purchase.  You will then receive a few short questions from me so that we can focus on what topic/issue/area of your life you would like to explore.  Feel free to give me as much or little background information on the area you would like to explore as you feel comfortable providing.  However, the more information I have to work with, the better I can explore your issue.  If you have questions about my style of reading the cards, please consult the FAQ.

Next, I will send you a Pay Pal invoice for the cost of your Exploration, which is payable before any work can be completed.  

Delivery:  Tarot Explorations ordered from the website are preformed via email. Emailed Explorations include the complete text of your consultation, images from your layout, and emailed follow-up clarification of anything in your reading about which you have questions.  If for some reason you don’t receive your Exploration in the time period allotted, please remember to check your spam folder.  If you have still not received it, please contact me and I will resend it.

Time Frame:  I will endeavor to complete all email Tarot Explorations within 2 days of receiving your answers to my questions.  If requests are high I will let you know, and you may then choose to be placed on a short waiting list or request an Exploration at another time.

Disclaimer / Terms:

You MUST br over 18 to obtain a Tarot Exploration.

It is against my personal code of conduct to provide a Tarot Exploration for anyone other than the individual for which I have express permission, so please do not request a reading for anyone but yourself.  Rest assured that all consultations are in the strictest confidence, as your privacy is of utmost importance to me.  First-time clients will receive a full refund if they are not satisfied with their Exploration; repeat clients agree that there is no refund for an Exploration.  It is also understood by you that by booking/purchasing a consultation that you are agreeing to the above terms.

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