2012 A Year of Transformation

So many good things are brewing in 2012!

The folks over at Barefoot Breathing are gearing up for another session, and it is half price until January 20th.  This is a wonderful way to connect to nature and bring daily spiritual practice to your life.  I took the course last autumn and found it beautiful and enriching.  Jackie and Jason also have some  free meditations and earth message images for you to download from their Essence of Wild website.  Make this year the year you connect with heart and soul to the earth.  2012 isn’t about the world ending; it is about raising our consciousness and our vibration to be more earth-aligned and connected to Mama Gaia, and to one another.  Jackie has a fab secret rebel guide to living your dreams in this transformational year at her Flower Spirit website.

Brigid by Joanna Powell Colbert

Brigid by Joanna Powell Colbert

And Joanna Powell Colbert, creatrix of he Gaian Tarot is now enrolling for her Candlemas course, part of her Gaian Soul Seasonal Practices series.  The Gaian Soul Practices for Candlemas: Winter-Turning-to-Spring course helps you make room in your daily life for mindful creative expression. You will align yourself with the rhythms of nature as the first signs of spring emerge from the deep sleep of winter.  Wonderful!

If you are already feeling tired of your 2012 goals and resolutions, the Blessing Manifesting blog has some fantastic free worksheets for you to print out to help you organize your mundane and your spiritual life.  And Joanna and Karen Walrond at her Chookooloonks blog remind us to congratulate ourselves for all we achieved in 2011 with a list of 2012 “non-goals.”  Let that positive energy carry you in to the new year by focusing on what you already do well.

My Non-goals look a little something like this:

1. You brought your Tarot practice to the internet and widened the circle of kindred spirits.   Yay!

2. You participated in three soul-enriching workshops and joined a Tarot circle last year.  Wonderful! Keep connecting to others!

3.  You and the d.h. finally manged to take a solo vacation that was more than a long-weekend.  It was fun, relaxing, romantic and so very needed. xoxo

4. You bought more local food than ever before and kept your focus on health and healthy eating.  Great job! Keep doing that!

5. 2011 was a re-dedication to spirit, nature, daily practice and the Divine.  That’s a beautiful thing.

6.  You finally freed yourself from relationships that were toxic, unkind, and dysfunctional.   Keep on keepin’ on.

7.  You remembered that having dreams is risky, but it is the only way we can grow.  Now groooooooooooooow!

I would love to hear your non-goals!

To help you on your way to a fabulous evolution of self in the new year, the ever-awesome Goddess Leonie has a free MP3 and poster for you to download based on her inspiring You Have Permission post.  Words cannot really express how much I love that post.  Love, love, love it.  Leonie also has a whole boat-load of other free offerings to inspire you at her website.

Goddess Guidebook.com

Need some further inspiration to help you manifest your dreams this year?  Take a look at all of the wonderous projects that determined souls brought into being via Kickstarter last year.  I have helped fund two projects on Kickstarter (a vegan food truck and a mythic arts film by my friend Lisa Stock), and I love helping people make their dreams come true.  I think this project from the “Dreaming Big” section might be my favorite one from Kickstarter’s year-end review.

I have feeling 2012 is going to be big and beautiful and full of magic. May yours be blessed. xx Robin

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